Within the restaurant category walk-in coolers and freezers are critical for storing large quantities of food and beverages while also saving on operating costs. These previously owned distressed assets are inspected prior to sale and will save your business hundreds versus new.

Business Types
Grocery Stores

Home Use 
Meditation Rooms
Music Room
Teaching Rooms
Podcast and Recording Studios

A 50% deposit is required for future purchases

Panels and Flooring 
Floors are different on a cooler or freezer

Fire Suppression
Some walk-in coolers and freezers have fire suppression systems installed within the units. Please work with your installer to make certain all of these associated items are included to meet local, regional and state codes.

Whether you utilize previously owned assets for business or personal purposes we are not responsible for the installation of previously owned equipment if we or our recommended technicians do not perform this work. Although we do our best to manage all types of distressed and previously owned equipment, used equipment in select cases can present some challenges. We believe the cost savings for cash strapped businesses far outweighs these rare instances. Thank you for your business.