1. Electric recliner, seating renovation, restaurant call buttons, promenade’s renovated, main concessions, speciality theatre configurations.
  1. HVAC 40 ton unit replaced with 2-10 ton units, survey pictures units, and maintenance pricing. Site initialization and cleanup.
  1. Power – coolers and display cases, permitting, 2,600 locations in 1 year.
  1. LED lighting conversion, illumination to LED, site lighting, exterior building lighting, interior common areas, back-of-house and service areas, patient residence areas.purchasing materials, fixture replacements and retrofits.
  1. Identify solutions specifics to LivCor. LED lighting retrofits, product rebates, warranty mgmt. and recycling of materials at all locations upgrades to both exterior and interior lighting
  1. Rogers is able to provide effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions for Target.
  1. Parking garage with 254,000 square feet 4-level. LED lighting package, fire alarm system, fiber optic telephone system and emergency phone system. Furnished 3000amp service and distribution system and natural gas generator.
  1. Organize all trades, equipment delivery, management of vendors, and execution. mill work, counter tops, existing electrical, plumbing, new circuits, water lines, 300 locations SE and 180 new.
  1. Rogers renovated an old Nordstrom department store by completely gutting and transforming it into a new Von Maur store.
  1. Rogers facilitated crews to 2600+ locations nationally over a 4 month timeline. This project was completed with 1 electrician/1 night. Rogers’ project management teams allowed Walmart real-time updates with access to on-site pictures, work order
  1. Onsite lighting upgrades including pole lights, pole fixtures and wall packs. Rogers has also provided photometric readings to verify compliance guidelines and project management teams.